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It does not matter if you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, the construction industry is riddled with rules, regulations and pitfalls anyone can fall into…and get burned. 

This is a story about an Architect named Roger

Roger graduated with a degree in Architecture. Straight out of college he landed a good job with a good size design firm where he acquired good experience. His job included a lot of site visits so he also earned a good perspective about site work and dealing with Contractors. He actually enjoyed construction more than design.

After a while Roger got into a family situation, separated from his family and he had to travel to a new City for a new start. Roger was confused if he should work as an Architect or should he go into Construction which he preferred.

Roger got a job with a large Developer to manage projects from start of design up to the Construction completion. He was given a good size project to manage. 

At this position Roger was managing other Architects versus being the Architect himself. In his management of the design phase overseeing other Architects and Engineers he started dictating to the Architect what to do and enforce construction details that he thought appropriate. Since he used to be an Architect and now empowered by the Owner’s position he had the authority to do that. 

Since Roger never received proper Construction management training, he did not realize that forcing his design on the Architect of record transferred the Design liability to his employer who he represented.

The Project moved on to the construction phase. Roger, at this point, had to manage the Architect and Contractor. Roger started giving directions to contractors how to build the ramp giving directions overstepping the position and role of the actual Architect/Designer of the project.

The Project had a concrete Ramp for the disabled which has strict rules regarding dimensions, handrails, landings, slopes etc… The concrete ramp was poured and the inspector rejected that ramp and requested that the ramp be demolished and rebuilt.

The Contractor filed a claim for this added cost since they proceeded as directed by the Owner through Roger. The claim included a delay claim because of this mistake and delay compensations.

Had Roger received the proper training as a construction manager he would have learned the appropriate documentation needed to direct a Contractor. Roger would have realized that Contractors own their means and methods and dictating it, as an Owner’s reprehensive, might have resulted in a time impact, additional cost and liability to the Owner who he represented.

Roger was fired. This was his chance to re-build his life and start new. Roger felt lost and very sad about his situation. Luckily he enrolled in a Construction Management program and learned these Principles, got a new job as a Construction Manager armed with the proper knowledge. Roger moved on with his life, got married and few years later started his own consulting firm.

Don’t let this, or something like this happen to you!

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